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Why pay for Social Media if it doesn’t pay you?

If you think social media is only about doing posts, writing captions and making stories then I’m sorry to say, but you’ve got this all wrong.

Not everyone who can draw can be called an artist. And not everyone that can create content can be called an agency.

Let's admit it. There are multiple agencies in the market. You know this. We know this. But what you don’t know and we know is the way this game really works.

At Logicloop we don't give you jargons, fancy unoptimised analytical data, sweet words and false promises. We give you just one thing -results.

Results like more engagement and more followers on social platforms.

Have you heard that rumour on the internet that makes you believe that the more you post, the better?

We heard it too.

Reality is, you don’t need to scream or spam for them to listen to you. You only need to talk sense.

Spamming isn’t a strategy, it’s annoying.

What is a strategy is the way you display your content to ensure it drives engagement, brand awareness and conversions for the business.


The truth is that there is no one all-pervading truth about what works or doesn’t work on social media. There are multiple myths and even more measurable techniques but what’s most important is figuring out what works for your brand!

That is subjective, moreover an acquired skill.

After successfully doing content strategy for hundreds of brands- we can proudly say that our content delivers desired results. Whether you like it or not, your audience definitely will, and it will show.

Designed not only for aesthetics but for business.

Yes, designs are important.

But what good is a page that looks good but doesn’t do good for the business?

Create a strategy that not only aesthetically appeals to you and your audience but a strategy that actually brings home conversions too.

It’s a guarantee.

We gave them the guarantee - they saw the results.

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We can give you the guarantee - you will see the results.

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Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai

If you’re seeking a team skilled with impeccable social media marketing abilities, look no further. Among its many fortes, LogicLoop; a social media marketing agency also has expertise in Social Media Marketing and development and has delivered several successful social media marketing campaigns for clients across the globe. By curating the best market practices for effective digital reach and visibility, we render high-performing social media campaigns for our clients.

Why Does Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing?

As of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms.

The amount of time adults use social media across all platforms is now higher than ever — 95 minutes per day.

The average person bounces between seven different social networks per month.

There are approximately 10 million active advertisers on Facebook right now.

Logicloop, Your Very Own Social Media Marketing Specialist!

As the top social media marketing agency, we know that Social media marketing is the most prominent modes of promotion in today’s online world. If you’re a business owner, you understand the importance of optimum brand visibility. Social Media Marketing is the most prominent online marketing tool that expands your brand recognition, generates more traffic and increases convergence and leads exponentially. As one of the most popular Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai, Logicloop has your back for all things digital.

From intuitive user-friendly tap-on ads to state-of-the-art design-centric ads, Logicloop is your one-stop Social Media Marketing Agency for integrated Social Media Marketing solutions. We run ROI-centric social media strategies that render exceptional lead generation and help brands reach global prospects. We identify your target audience and ensure that your brand visibility multiplies significantly with smart social media marketing investments. Start your journey with the best social media marketing agency in Mumbai.

Logicloop has helped 500+ Global Brands Increase Visibility Through Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Our Social Media Marketing team sets benchmark standards in leveraging the best market practices for effective Social Media Marketing and ensuring that your brand’s visibility in the online world is amplified. Logicloop is a social media marketing agency in Mumbai that offers integrated marketing solutions for finance, technology, science, fashion, education, and much more.

Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Put our skills to the test, connect with us to boost your online presence significantly.

Customize your Digital journey to success with Logicloop

Power-packed with all the ingredients for the ultimate digital success journey, Logicloop can be your unfair advantage in the cut-throat competition. Optimize your digital performance to expedite growth and catalyze holistic business development with your exclusive digital partner; Logicloop! Join the loop and personalize a distinctive combination of Social Media Marketing Services that resonate with your organizational and business goals. Reach the right people, here’s your chance to seize an opportunity to upscale unlimited growth with Logicloop; a futuristic social media marketing agency.

Get in touch with us. Tell us about your digital goals and dilemmas, and we’ll put our best and brightest brains to bring you the most hassle-free, ROI-Driven, comprehensive, Sureshot plans for digital success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you offer personalized social media marketing services packages?

A. Of course! You can connect with us on call or email us to know more about the budgetary information of our digital marketing services including Social Media Marketing. Stay assured to receive the most cost-effective digital solutions exclusively at Logicloop!

Q. How do I get in touch?

A. We’re a digital marketing agency in Mumbai. To get in touch with us, you can simply call us on 9137741123. You can also email us at for a business consultation. As the top social media marketing agency, we also offer a distinctive range of social media tools for you, get in touch!

Q. What’s included in Social Media Marketing?

A. In our social media marketing agency, our professional marketers are equipped with in-depth acumen to handle your online presence on all social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more with quality content and effective social media strategies.

Q. Do you offer personalized Social Media Marketing packages?

A. Yes, you can get in touch with us; your ideal social media marketing agency to create a personalized Social Media Marketing Campaign for your brand that resonates with your brand goals.

Q. Where can I hire Google Ads Specialists?

A. Hire A Dedicated Team Of specialists for Google Ads Services easily at Logicloop. Our team is skilled and proficient at strategizing Google Ad Campaigns that are ROI-Centric, backed by the team’s vast knowledge of technology domains, digital communications, and the ability to meet deadlines and deliver high-performing results. Our social media marketing agency is always here to answer all your questions.