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3.9 billion people browse Facebook and Instagram every month.

They watch, they like, they comment, they share and YES they also BUY.

Facebook Ads Sample Created by Logicloop

We have tamed these dominant advertising platforms with ultra precise audience targeting to generate skyrocketing revenues at low costs of acquisition.

Facebook and Instagram have mastered the art of capturing user attention for extended time intervals & We have mastered the art of call to action based advertising to highly relevant users. We have spent more than 38 Cr on Facebook and Instagram ads.



Proudly delivered 3 Lac+ conversions so far



Our Ads have got more than 97 Lac+ clicks



Our campaigns always enjoy high impression shares



Our clients have trusted us more than 38 Cr of media spends

Social media knows more about you than anyone else.

We use this information to sell you products and services for which you have the highest affinity to buy. Facebook and instagram know more about you than you think. They know if

  • You are looking for a job
  • You want to buy a car
  • You want to gift your wife on your upcoming marriage anniversary
  • You want to travel to a destination
  • You want to refill your stock of pet food
  • You want to enrol for a online course
  • You want to rent an apartment

They know your likes, your aspirations, your latest obsession, your family details, your age, your life events and the list goes on and on.

Urgent CTA ads to extremely hot prospects

Facebook and Instagram have millions of concurrent users. In this Problem of Plenty we need to crack the challenge of identifying the right target audience and showing them the right message at the right time.

Precise Targeting and Carefully worded captions that define the value proposition and also create a sense of urgency can lead to surprising and jaw dropping reductions in acquisition costs.

The scalability dilema

Generally speaking after the ROI equation is set due to optimised campaigns the campaign spends can be scaled till the point of diminishing returns.

Because of the sheer volume of users on Facebook and Instagram the point of diminishing return virtually does not exist. So all we have to ensure is a fully optimised self learning campaign and then sky's the limit.


If your ROI does not improve on Facebook and Instagram ads do not pay us.

We gave them the guarantee - they saw the results.

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We can give you the guarantee - you will see the results.


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Best ROI-Centric Facebook & Instagram Advertising Agency

Facebook and Instagram are the largest growing social media platforms on the internet today. You can leverage the utility of these prominent social media channels to upscale growth and digital visibility. Logicloop is an integrated digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook & Instagram Ads Services for brands across the globe. Our team of diligent advertising specialists makes lead generation and brand visibility amplification a hassle-free task for tech, fashion, eCommerce, healthcare, finance, and more. Through effective advertising strategies, we yield exceptional ROI rates for our panel of clients and significantly increase website engagement and overall business growth.

Why Your Business Needs Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Facebook has 2.91 billion monthly active users

36.8%of the World’s population use Facebook monthly

People are 53% more likely to buy from a business on Instagram or Facebook

There are 8 million active advertisers across all Meta platforms

Logicloop, Your Very Own Instagram and Facebook Ads Specialist!

The biggest customer base is on social media, where are you? Take your business online to tap into the widest marketplace in the world. Attain optimum brand visibility by hiring a dedicated team to focus on creating and running ads for your brand. Facebook and Instagram ads are the most prominent online marketing tools that expand your brand recognition, generate more traffic and increase convergence and leads exponentially. As one of the most popular Facebook & Instagram Advertising agencies in Mumbai, Logicloop has your back for all things digital.

Whether it is responsive search ads, dynamic search ads, display ads, or more, Logicloop is your one-stop Facebook & Instagram Advertising agency for integrated ads solutions. We run ROI-centric ad strategies that render exceptional lead generation and help brands reach global prospects. We identify your target audience and ensure that your brand visibility multiplies significantly with smart ad investments as well as organic growth on various social media platforms.

Why Choose Logicloop?

Logicloop is one of Mumbai’s most acclaimed Facebook & Instagram Advertising agencies. We’ve anchored drastic business growth for several global brands through unconventional, comprehensive Facebook & Instagram Advertising services. Our integrated approach to digital development helps us unfurl holistic financial and creative growth for our esteemed list of clients. It is only at Logicloop that you’ll find a 360-degree solution for mainstream digital marketing delimmas like low engagement rate, little to no conversion, inability to retain loyal customers or reaching the right target audience. With an integrated mix of marketing tools like Facebook and Instagram ads and more, you can unleash unparalleled business growth.

Customize your Digital journey to sucess with Logicloop

Powerpacked with all the ingredients for the ultimate digital success journey, Logicloop can be your unfair advantage in the cut-throat competition. Optimize your digital performance to expede growth and catalyse holistic business development with your exclusive digital partner; Logicloop! Join the loop and personalize a distinctive combination of Facebook & Instagram Advertising services that resonate with your organizational and business goals. Reach the right people, here’s your chance to seize an opportunity to upscale unlimited growth with Logicloop.

Get in touch with us. Tell us about your digital goals and dilemmas, and we’ll put our best and brightest brains to bring you the most hassle-free, ROI-Driven, comprehensive, Sureshot plans for digital success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you offer personalized Facebook and Instagram packages?

A. Yes, you can get in touch with us to create a personalized Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaign for your brand that resonates with your brand goals.

Q. How do I get in touch?

A. We’re a Facebook & Instagram Advertising agency in Mumbai. To get in touch with us, you can simply call us on 9137741123. You can also email us at for a business consultation.

Q. What’s included in Facebook and Instagram Ad Marketing?

A. Our professional marketers, in our Facebook & Instagram Marketing Agency are equipped with in-depth acumen to run well-designed, quality Google and Facebook ads for effective lead generation. We design all types of ads including video, in-frame, pay-per-click, and carousel ads for Google and other internet platforms and search engines.

Q. Can I get an estimated budget for all the digital services?

A. Of course! You can connect with us on call or email us to know more about the budgetary information of our digital marketing services including Facebook & Instagram Advertising services. Stay assured to receive the most cost-effective digital solutions exclusively with the leading Facebook & Instagram Advertising Agency!

Q. Where can I hire Facebook & Instagram Advertising Specialists?

A. Hire A Dedicated Team Of specialists for Facebook & Instagram Advertising services easily at Logicloop. Our team is skilled and proficient at strategizing Google Ad Campaigns that are ROI-Centric, backed by the team’s vast knowledge of technology domains, digital communications, and the ability to meet deadlines and deliver high-performing results. We’re a Facebook & Instagram Advertising Agency that you can count on!