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Yes it all comes down to this.
“The Last Mile” in customer acquisition.

This is the most expensive point of failure in the conversion funnel because after spending millions to get clicks you must convert them into revenue generating conversions.

The Final Destination

The landing page is the final destination on your customer acquisition journey. It is important that the page is engineered to convert visits into prospects. It must tell a compelling story

  • Which talks about the value proposition
  • Has clear call to actions
  • Does not have many navigation options
  • Can engage the visitor for long
  • Can crease a sense of genuine urgency

Technically speaking your landing page should

  • Load in Sub 4 seconds
  • Images and videos should be served using content delivery networks
  • Be optimised for Mobile devices
  • Be able to persist meta information related to every user session

Q. Why spend tons of money to experiment and test different versions of the landing page when we already know what works and what does not work?

A. We have spent Crores, reviewed thousands of heat-maps and viewed hundreds of session recordings over the last decade to figure out user behaviour on Desktops, Mobile and Tablet devices. We have used this intelligence to made landing pages engineered for driving conversions.

They trusted us with their conversion rates and boy they got results!

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