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A guide to keyword intent for driving maximum SEO Traffic

In the ever-evolving SEO landscape, many marketers get laser-focused on one element: keywords. We meticulously research search terms, analyze competitor strategies, and strategically weave them into our content. But as SEO expert Neil Patel recently highlighted on Twitter, there’s a crucial missing piece – keyword intent. It’s not just about what people are searching for, but why. Keyword intent unlocks the door to attracting high-quality traffic that converts.

Let’s say there are two people looking for “running shoes.” One may be an avid trainer looking for high-performance shoes, whereas the other may be a casual jogger looking for something cosy to wear. This important distinction is lost when the term “running shoes” is the only one targeted. Understanding keyword purpose will help you create content that speaks directly to the requirements of each individual user.

Types of High-Intent Keywords:

Transactional Keywords: The Bull’s Eye of Buyer Intent

These keywords are the gold standard for driving conversions. They scream “ready to buy!” and indicate a user who is at the bottom of the sales funnel, actively seeking to make a purchase. Consider them as clients who are present at your online shop with a credit card in hand.
Examples: “buy winter jacket online,” “best price on laptops,” “order organic groceries near me”

Informational Keywords: Answering User Queries and Building Trust

Users with informational intent are actively seeking knowledge and solutions to their problems. They’re not quite ready to buy but are in the research phase, gathering information to make informed decisions. This presents a valuable opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted resource and build brand awareness.
Examples: “tips for healthy eating,” “how to change a car tire,” “best places to visit in Paris”

Commercial Keywords: Capturing Users in the Consideration Phase

Before making a purchase, consumers who are actively comparing possibilities and are well-aware of their demands. They’re browsing reviews, specifications, and comparisons to identify the best product or service for their specific requirements.

Examples: “reviews of mountain climbing backpacks,” “best trail running shoes for women,” “comparison of video editing software”

Navigational Keywords: Guiding Users to Their Destination


Navigational keywords indicate users who know exactly where they want to go. They’re bypassing a search engine and using branded keywords to find specific resources on your website.
Examples: “[Brand Name] customer service,” “[University Name] application process,” “[Restaurant Name] online menu”

Why keyword intent is the secret weapon of any SEO strategist:

Laser-Focused Targeting: With laser-focused targeting, you can stop drawing in a tonne of unrelated visitors. You may identify users who are actively looking for the solutions you provide by using keyword intent. Consider targeted traffic as opposed to sheer volume.

Content that Resonates: Content that Speaks to People: Generic brochures are a thing of the past. You may create content that directly addresses user pain points and offers true value by knowing the “why” behind the search. This leads to a more engaged audience and a higher chance of conversion.

Search Engine Visibility: Websites that offer users relevant material are given priority by search engines like Google. Your website gains credibility as a reliable resource by showcasing an in-depth awareness of keyword intent, which raises its organic search ranks.

SEO isn’t just about ranking web pages; it’s about helping people and showcasing web pages that solve the problems they just searched for. By prioritising keyword intent, you transform your SEO strategy from a numbers game to a targeted approach that attracts qualified leads and drives conversions. The next time you conduct keyword research, discover the “why” in addition to the “what” to fully harness the power of keyword intent and see a dramatic increase in traffic, engagement, and conversions. Consider consulting with an SEO company in Mumbai to leverage their expertise and local knowledge for even greater results.

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