Every one turns to Google for almost everything and therefore it has become imperative for businesses to rank higher on Google search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a moving target and It is getting increasingly difficult to rank on the first page of Google for keywords relevant to your business using SEO. Frequently changing Google search algorithms, increasing competition and a buzzing social media landscape makes it a challenge to stay on the top of Google search results.

In today’s competitive environment when the cost of running paid campaigns is increasing every day a well planned SEO strategy can significantly decrease the cost per customer acquisition. However SEO is tricky and can lead to a complete waste of time, money and opportunity if not done by the experts like us. Our result driven approach enables us to design a plan that will not only improve rankings but will also drive conversions.

Our Search engine optimization (SEO) team chalks out that perfect SEO plan after carefully studying the target audience search behaviour, Search volumes, Search trends, Competition and Relevance.

Allow our SEO company experts to take up your SEO challenge because

We select the right keywords

Well this is the most important step in SEO as once the keywords are chosen there is no looking back. Our seo services team does a detailed analysis of search volumes, trends, competitors and relevance before finalising keywords that need to be targeted for your web pages.

We search engine optimize your webpages

We follow the Google rule book here and make sure that every single recommendation made by Google is followed and implemented on the web pages. Selecting a seo friendly tech stack, writing unique and relevant content, implementing perfect seo meta tags and optimizing for speed is where we start and we end when the web page passes all on page checklist tests in the eyes of Google.

We build relevant backlinks to your website

One of the most important factors for higher rankings is the number of websites linking to your website on the internet. With time the Google algorithm has matured to ignore links from pages having content not relevant to your domain. Our seo services team builds links from websites which have high domain authority and page rank and the ones that are very relevant to your vertical.

We stay in sync with the Google Spider Bot

Every time the Google bot visits your website it crawls a pre decided number of links which is called as the crawl budget. In case of large websites it becomes important to optimize the website in a way that the most important pages are crawled before the Google bot runs out of budget during every visit. Our seo services team understands this well and makes sure that Google crawl budget is well utilised and increases with time.

We make sure that your social signals are strong

Google does not ignore your social presence anymore. So the more people link to you from the social network the higher you will rank in the Google search result. Good content posts that get shared, likes, retweets and comments give a strong signal to Google about your online popularity. We make sure that your social media is buzzing and our seo services make sure that it is pushing you up the Google results.

We make sure that you are informed all the way

Our engineering approach towards marketing enables us to measure and quantify results. Our seo rank tracking dashboard allows you to track ranking status of all targeted keywords. This gives you a holistic view of the performance of our seo services.

Steps on seo success roadmap
SEO Activities

Time Period

Minimum Contract duration

6 months6 months6 months6 months6 months

No of Keywords

The number of keywords that will be targeted by search engine optimization


No of Pages

The number of pages that will be targeted for search engine optimization (including the home page)

Site Wide Factors

Preliminary Audit Report

A detailed seo website audit report will be prepared and submitted

SEO Keyword Analysis

Analysis of relevant value keywords based on search volume, competition and convertibility of every page


Competitive Analysis

Domain and Page authority analysis of competition websites

Google Search Console Setup

We will setup Google Webmaster tools (Google Search Console) for SEO

Google Analysis Setup

We will setup Google Analytics for traffic analysis and reporting

Content Duplication Check

To check for duplicate content on your website to avoid duplicate penalty

Google Penalty Check

To check if your website is suffering from Google penalty

Initial Rank Report

We will prepare a Rank Report about where your website ranks for different target keywords

Website Design Consulting

We will give consulting about the website design from the point of view of SEO and lead conversion

On Page Optimization

Meta Tag Optimisation

Meta titles and descriptions for different pages need to be written as per the seo keyword to page mapping strategy

Image Optimization

The image size and caching control and alternate texts need to be configured as per the Google guidelines

Anchor Tag Optimisation

Planning and strategizing the anchor texts to be used within different pages

H1/H2 Tag Optimisation

H1/H2 Tags to be used on different pages as per the seo keyword mapping plan

URL Optimisation & Breadcrumbs

Formulating URL and breadcrumbs structure and rewrite rules


Implementing canonicalization to avoid page duplication issues

Page Load Time Optimization

Optimising the load time of every page to reduce it below 5 seconds

Internal Linking

Design and implement the internal link structure for all pages


Creation and submission of HTML, XML and Image sitemaps


Creation and analysis of the robots.txt file to make the most of crawl budget

Content Optimization

Optimising content on all pages as per the keyword strategy

404 Page Analysis

Analysing the reason for 404 pages errors and fixing them

301 Redirect

Analysing the broken pages and implementing a 301 redirect using the .htaccess file

Google Bot Optimization

Analysing the crawl rate and and optimising the website to make sure that the Google Crawl budget is perfectly utilised

Off Page Optimization

Citations & Bookmarking

By listing your website on classifieds, local search websites and search engines, search engines can easily view your website and index the pages


Web Directory Submission

We list your websites in different web directories in relevant categories


Web 2.0

We build links from high page rank web 2.0 websites for better ranking results


Article Submissions

We write unique articles and submit them in different article directories


Infographic Submissions

Infographics are a great way of building links as they use visual information, rather than blog posts or articles which are in written form. Many can often be more entertaining, engaging and sharable when it looks good and is put in front of the right kind of audience.


Brand Mention

In some articles, people mention your brand without actually linking. We can contact and ask the webmaster of that site to link back to the website.

Blog Commenting

Blog comments have always been an incredible resource for SEO for several reasons. We will comment on blogs/articles related to our niche and gain a backlink by placing our website link in the comment.


Question & Answers

We can actively participate in answering questions on sites like Yahoo Answers. By answering and asking relevant questions on our site niche, we can help build up our reputation as someone that is an expert in our chosen field. We can place a link to your website in the source section if necessary so that people can easily find our site.


Photo Sharing

If you have photos or images on our site, then we can share then on many of the major photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa etc


Guest Blogging

Publishing posts on blogs other than your own, or allowing other bloggers to post on your blog, you are engaging in guest blogging. Getting links from authoritative sites is a great way to raise a domain’s search ranking.


Press Releases

Publish free and paid press releases with links to your website


Document Submission

Submit your documents and slides to document sharing websites

Analysis & Reporting

Monthly Action Plan

Monthly action plan will be shared at the start of every month

SEO Rank Report

Detailed ranking report with the initial rank and the current rank for target keywords will be shared every 15 days

Monthly Activity Report

Activities done every month will be shared for at the end of every month

FAQ about SEO services

How soon can I expect to see the results?

SEO is a slow process. After our SEO service experts start working on your website it can take between 3 to 4 months to see the results. You can rest assured that you are working with the best SEO Company

How do you measure performance?

Our seo rank tracking dashboard gives you a clear report on how your rankings has changed with time.

What is wrong with my website right now?

We can do a quick audit and submit a report. Contact us now.

Who will generate the content?

Yes. We will do it. Our seo experts come up with a list of target keywords for different pages of your website. They then work content writers to genererate unique content related to the target keywords for the target page.

Now that we are ranking what can I do to make sure that I stay there?

Our seo service company experts continuously run a sustenance activity that involves generating fresh unique content and building fresh links to different pages on your website.

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