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Our Affiliate Marketing experts go beyond the conventional marketing channels and come up with intuitive campaigns using email marketing, SMS marketing, content marketing, video marketing and other affiliate channels.

Email marketing services, SMS marketing services, Content Marketing Services

There is traffic beyond Google and our digital media buying experts guarantee you the best ad spots at the best price. There are many different types of platforms that can be leveraged like

News websites, Research platforms, Information portals

Most of these websites monetise the traffic by direct sales for the primary ad placements and Google Display Network ads (through Google Adsense) for secondary ad placements. Our affiliate media buying experts make sure that we get you the best spots at the least costs.

Content Marketing Platforms

There are multiple content recommendation and native advertising websites that help in driving good traffic through content advertising where in your target audience is engaged with while they are reading content related to your products or services. Our experts help you make the most of this by running content advertising campaigns in a cost per click model.

Ad Networks

For some serious traffic there are Ad networks with inventory(for both mobile and desktop) that is not available on the Google Display Network. Our experts can buy that inventory and run ads on them to maximise reach.

Video Marketing Platforms

Our affiliate marketing experts can help in distributing video content on video marketing platforms which have inventory beyond Youtube and Facebook.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing experts design engaging email content with clear call to actions to drive sign ups. The emails are designed to be compatible on all types of devices like the desktop, tablet and mobile phones. The prospect database is managed such that they can unsubscribe at any time to make sure that your domain is not blacklisted which in turn protects your emails from landing into the junk folder of inboxes.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the traditional form of marketing that has evolved over time. With latest data management tools, user profiles are effortlessly organised and used to attract and retain more customers. SMS marketing has become the most convenient form of marketing as it has proven in generating immediate and direct results with its own advantage of being easy to use and affordable. Over 95% of SMS text get read within 10 minutes.

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