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The Challenge

The challenge we had to overcome here was not as simple as it looks. The Hinwick House London, faced tremendous issues when it came to bookings so our task here was to boost their number of bookings. If you aren’t quite familiar with this place, let us tell you, Hinwick House is a palace turned into an exquisite boutique hotel for those who wish to feel the true essence of British culture, especially Americans. This palace hotel of London is also an ideal place for those wanting to have a destination wedding. So our task here is to boost their sales in terms of higher bookings, for both weddings and leisure.

The Result


Increase in Room Bookings


Increase in Bookings for Destination Weddings


Increase in Website Traffic


The Strategy

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Targeted ads were run on Google search.

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Audience targeting and re marketing campaigns were run on the Google display network.

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Wedding theme based digital campaigns targeting those looking for outdoor wedding venues in and around London.

Services Used


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Google Search

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Google Display Network

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Re marketing

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