Summary of English Google SEO office-hours from December 24, 2021

google seo office hours summary

This is a summary of the questions and answers from the Google SEO Office Hours with John Mueller on December 24th, 2021.

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1) Paywall content – Can I show content to google bots but not to regular users? Is it considered cloaking?

– Technically it would still be considered cloaking, but from Google’s policy, it’s acceptable.

2) Can you give dmca a strike and take down the site if someone copies your site content?

– Maybe, you can report the page your content is used on but taking down the site is illegal.

3) Problem getting new pages indexed with high quality content. Is it a bug or algo update?

– There is no bug. Google doesn’t index all content and some websites generate a lot of content and if google doesn’t index everything it’s okay. In the past websites were not technically great but now almost every website is technically ok which means the quality bar is higher. Google has to make sure indexed content should be useful and relevant to users.

4) The developer says Some pages are not getting indexed because of the unsupported HTML. The blog page is AMP, some of the normal header, footer and menu bars are non AMP which means the whole page won’t be collected?

– If its not valid amp page google can’t process it with AMP cache. It would index a traditional HTML page. From an indexing point of view, it’s fine. If u have a pure AMP site where u just have AMP version google would still index AMP page essentially as a HTML page. it would still be indexable but won’t get an amp boost.

5) Is it possible for product review updates to affect other sites which are not using the English language?

– yes. It is global and affects all languages.

6) How to localize the same set of pages for different English speaking countries?

– Geotargeting in the search console and the hreflang settings. hreflang should be on a per page basis.

7) Can we block ad URLs in robot.txt?

– No (unanswered)

8) There are a lot of pages on ecom sites so they have added template based so content changes automatically on page so is it ok to rank?

– Not a good idea. Add page related content.

9) When it comes to breadcrumbs structured data does it have to be exactly the same as breadcrumbs that a visitor would see on the page? I sometimes see condensed versions of breadcrumbs on the page while the structured data is a complete breadcrumb path.

– Google tries to recognize if the structured data is visible on the page or not and if it’s not visible on the page then google tries to figure out if it still makes sense to show this in the search results.

10) I have a few sites of the same owner that talk about different aspects of the same topic overall, let’s say gaming for instance, and different sites talking about different sites talk about different parts of gaming or different games. would it be considered against the guidelines if the footer of each site of the links to others?

– As long as there are significantly different sites, that’s perfectly fine. As long as you have a reasonable no of sites (3-4).

11) Is it okay to translate some of the website pages and place it in a subdirectory on the same domain?

– it’s ok to translate some pages on your site it will not affect your seo.

12) WordPress generates unwanted urls and google crawls it so is there a way to stop the bot from crawling unwanted urls? Is it gonna affect the crawl budget on the website?

– If the site is small don’t worry about crawling budget or you can use robot.txt to block unwanted urls. You can also select noindex option.

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