News: Make note SEO experts – Google Guidelines Around Rel=next/prev Set to be Revised


Rel=next/prev are markups used on your web pages to inform Google that these pages are part of a larger set of pages. Suppose, you have an article or a blog which is divided into multiple pages, you can use this markup and inform Google. This, in turn, would help Google to combine all the signals and the content from all the pages.

Now it has been revealed that Google is aiming to update the guidelines around this significant markup.

On December, the Google Webmaster Conference was conducted on December 4th 2019 at Google’s Tel Aviv office in Israel which was attended by SEO experts and techies from all over the world. Among the various attendees of the event was Igal Stolpner, the SEO expert with over 15 years of experience. It is him who has revealed this vital information to the world on twitter. 

He posted the following on his twitter account:-

Pagination without rel next/prev. New guidelines are coming up soon.” Later, he added, “I actually just meant that we should expect a new Webmaster Guidelines update on pagination coming up sometime soon.”

So, gear up SEO experts, you can expect some changes in the guidelines as Igal put it. Few others believe that it maybe tips from Google rather than a full-blown new guidelines around Rel=next/prev. Whatever it may, we are hoping for the best.

What do you think about this latest development? Share with us your inputs in the comments section below.

Source – Search Engine Round Table

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