Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

google adwords vs facebook ads

Being a ppc services company we face this question multiple times and our answer is “Well, it depends ? “. It depends on the target audience, campaign goals, available budget, search volumes for the relevant keywords, competition and the duration of the campaign.

Let’s start with Google.

Google can reach more than 90% of all internet users using Google search, Google Gmail, Google+, Google search partners and the Google display network.

Google Search Advertising – The search intent of users searching on the Google search engine is more than any other platform and so advertising on Google search generates the most relevant leads. Selecting the right keywords and displaying the right text ad for that search is important to get maximum click through rates and divert highly relevant traffic on the website. The targeting can be done by keywords (positive and negative), location, time and device. Since there is a fixed number of ad slots there is a lot of competition for relevant search terms and so the ppc cost per clicks are high.

Google Display Advertising – The Google display network is a network of websites that display ads by Google. These ads are shown to the visitors of the websites and the relevance between the user and the ad is not very high. Since there is a huge inventory of ad positions there is less competition and so the ppc cost per clicks are lesser as compared to search advertising. Targeting can be done on the basis of location, device, time, audience types, placements, demographics etc.

Now let’s talk about Facebook

Facebook can reach more and 45% of all internet users on the Facebook platform on both the desktop and mobile.

People use Facebook for social networking so the users on Facebook do not have high search intent. Advertisers on Facebook catch the attention of users who have profiles similar to the target audiences. Facebook can reach users using innovative ad formats that use images and videos more effectively. We can target users using demographics, location, interests, behaviors, language and lookalike audience targeting.

So as per the above analysis it is clear that

Go to Google Adwords when you want to generate leads for immediate sales.
Go to Facebook Ads for building brand loyalty through regular engagement with your prospects.

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