Why and How Should You Educate Your Clients on SEO

educate your client on SEO
SEO: Educate Your Client

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is an integral part of digital marketing services hence if you are a digital agency is it important that you educate your clients on the importance of SEO services. Informing or educating your clients on what SEO is all about and how will it help them gain better results is very crucial. It helps in forming a better mutual understanding between you as an agency and your clients.

So, how would you go about with this? Not sure where to start? Here is what you need to do.

1. Start With a Plan

  1. Explain to them what you plan on doing and why
  2. Get their feedback on the same
  3. See how they can help the campaign succeed

Being a digital marketing agency you can also provide clients with KPI’s of any of the SEO campaigns that you’ve conducted along with setting up custom reports and training clients on where the can view the KPI’s within their very own analytics interface.

2. Communication is a “MUST”

If there is a communication gap between you and your clients or if you lack a mutually understood vocabulary, then communication would be hampered which can directly affect your relationship with your clients. Yes for sure clients have high knowledge about their own company but they often lack knowledge in digital marketing services. As a digital marketer you should take a note that, your in-depth view of SEO is drastically different from that of the counterfeit views of your client. Hence, they hire you right? Therefore, it is important that you tell them why certain keywords work wonderfully and why certain keywords are just not able to bring about any result from organic search. If your clients aren’t aware about how Google works or why keywords are required for the prosperity of their business, the partnership you share with them will be shaky.

3. What topics to cover in client education?

a) Your very first step would be to conduct, brainstorming sessions in which you as a SEO services company need to explain the difference between informational, transactional and local search queries.

b) State how your key intent would not be surrounded by bringing in more traffic. The reason why we say this is because, bringing in necessary traffic is of no use, you would rather aim at attracting quality traffic that actually converts and renders a better business for your clients on online platforms.

c) Show them the activity by tapering down the keywords based on competition and performance and simultaneously informing them on how you plan on going after a peculiar set of keywords.

d) On the basis of the keywords you’ve targeted, you need to inform them on what is the anticipated timeline for the campaign to start generating results.

By helping your clients understand the basics of digital marketing you can build a strong relationship with them. Also, always keep your clients informed about your plan of action and allow them to be active participants in your digital marketing campaigns.


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