How to Create PPC Ads (That People Will Actually Click)

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Pay per click advertising is one of the most effective ways to draw traffic to your website. However, with increasing competition in the digital space, it is increasingly becoming difficult to get across to your customer bases with the messages. It is recommended to reach out to a digital marketing company for PPC Services. It is necessary to develop a PPC advertisement, that your customers are likely to click.

Here are certain guidelines, that will help you to come up with a powerful advertisement for your PPC campaign.


It is important to ensure that people clicking on the advertisements are qualified customers, planning to make the purchase. An effective way to qualify this traffic is to include a price explicitly in the advertisement. Price is one of the key factors that influence the purchase decisions of a customer. When you craft the ad, make sure to include the price directly in the headline. The experts at the PPC Marketing Company will help you in developing the ad copy.

2.Call to action

The CTA in your ad copy needs to be appealing. You may want them to buy discounted products, go for a certain deal or take a specific action. Focus on the tone of your advertisement, keeping it friendly and professional. The call to action should be powerful enough to induce the customer take a certain action. The companies providing PPC marketing services will help you to develop the ad.

3.Reduce the risk

You must make the customers feel secure when they make online purchases. This is still a new phenomenon and many people might be making their first purchase online. You need to reduce the worry of any risk that is involved in purchasing the product online. Well, you can reduce the feeling of insecurity for the customers by mentioning free return policies, exchange offers, lifetime warranties and so on. These messages are likely to make them comfortable and they will feel encouraged to take the action.


For any brand, it is necessary to build up credibility. This is a powerful weapon to market the products. When you have a good track record and reputation, your customers are more likely to rely on your brand. Therefore, the ad copies turn out to be more authentic to them. Therefore, you must work on developing your credibility. People are likely to count on a trusted vendor than an unknown one.

5.Product attributes

Your advertisement should focus on the product attributes you are marketing. In case your product has something unique, you need to explain the same in your advertisement. The framing of the headlines and the structure of the sentences determine the success of the ad to a great extent. You can seek expert assistance from one of the reputed companies providing PPC services for developing the ad copy. They will come up with the right format, that ensures maximum visibility for the product attributes.

The reputed platforms provide a comprehensive support to business firms in their PPC marketing campaigns. Reach out to an established PPC marketing company for the necessary support for your business.

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