Colours Defining Brands: The significance Of Colours In Marketing And Branding


Does the psychology of colours have an impact on landing pages? How does colour add emotion to the subject it is applied to?


Every brand today is very particular when it comes to the colour that gives their product a recognition apart from its competitors. A slight change or difference in the shade of the brand colour can have a huge negative impact on its consumers.


What if a brand like Maggi gives up on the yellow colour or Cocacola gives up on red. This will affect the identity of the brand and the consumers will not be able to spot their desirable brands and end up buying similar products from the competitors. This concept is also applicable in cases of online marketing.


Every colour depicts certain emotions. It has a huge contribution to the decision-making process of consumers while buying products. Around 84.7% of customers reveal that colour is the primary reason for buying a product. Colour advertisements are read more than the ads in white and black.


Colour is a factor which is extremely vital and cannot be treated as a basic element that can be ignored.


Primary colours are a base to all the other colours and their significance enhances the look and feel of a brand.


Radiant Red: The Primary colour Red depicts the emotion of domination. Red is a colour that grabs the direct attention of the consumers. Red is the colour that can be used to denote or display romance, love and sexuality, aggression and evil. This colour also is a very powerful attention grabber.


Joyful Yellow: The colour Yellow is a very happy colour and incites happiness. It activates and promotes positivity. Most products seeking sales in children or even summer products use yellow as their brand emotion.


Versatile Blue: Blue is the colour that is adopted by most of the brands. It’s also considered as the internet’s colour of choice. The colour depicts the emotion of security and trust. Internet Giants like Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in have chosen this colour as the identity and have stuck with it till date.


Secondary colours like Orange, Purple, Green have also been adding emotions to brands. With the name itself Orange, the brand used this colour creating a very exciting image for itself. Purple is the colour wore by the most loved brand, Cadbury while Green giving a very organic feel to brand images.

Apart from these the strong colour, Black and White also give special recognition to brands.


Colours have taken the digital world by storm and are affecting the decisions of visitors. A huge impact can be created by the brands in the minds of consumers just by changing their branding colour. It could change the perspective of consumers towards the product and derive its fate.


Find out more about the importance and psychology of colours in marketing!

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