3 Most POWERFUL Tips To Master Google AdWord Search Advertisements

If you are utilizing digital marketing techniques to grow your business online, you must be knowing the power of online advertisement. So, have you been using Google Search Advertisements without much success lately? There must be several factors preventing you from achieving the desired result.

Logicloop Digital is one the leading digital marketing agencies in Mumbai offering expert PPC services in Mumbai. The qualified professionals and AdWord specialist have helped many businesses’ to grow exponentially. So, if you are looking to push your brand using Google AdWord, here’s the 3 most POWERFUL tips to master Google AdWord Search Campaign to get higher ad ranks at lower costs per click.

We are going to talk about how we can get more return on investment from our online marketing spend on Google AdWord. We all are aware about Google search being the best source of quality lead generation. The clicks that are generated from Google search ads have a very high chance of converting into a lead or a sale on the landing pages.

A lot of times we observe that a well managed Google search campaign is all you need to drive conversions. It is when we exhaust the impression share on search we look to explore other channels of marketing like Display marketing, Programmatic advertising, Social Media Paid Marketing or Native Content marketing.

So what is it that we can do to get the most out of our search campaigns?

To get the most out of our search campaigns we must ensure that we get higher ad ranks for lower costs per click. Ad ranks depend on Quality scores and bids. So if you have a good quality score, you will not only rank higher but you will also pay lesser for every click as compared to your competition.

So let’s see how we can maintain a high quality score.

  1. Ad text relevance – When we create ad groups,we must ensure that the ad groups are tightly themed. This means that the Ads and the keywords in the ad group should be highly relevant to each other. We must try to use the keywords multiple times in the ad text. This leads to an increase in the CTR (Click through rate), which means that it increases the probability of users clicking on your ad. In case you see that the search CTR values are dropping below 4 – 5%, you should review the Ad text as per the keyword relevance. Having the keywords in the landing page URL contributes to a high Quality score.
  1. Target only relevant keywords – We must make sure that we are targeting relevant keywords because if our ads appear for irrelevant keywords the users will not click on the ad and this will lead to a drop in our Click through rate and thus impacts our quality scores negatively. This can be further fine tuned by using broad match modifiers and phrase matches while defining keywords. We should also go through the exact search terms and negate the irrelevant ones. This will ensure that our ads show to a highly relevant audience and will ensure high CTR’s & will also give us a high quality score.
  1. Landing Page experience – Google attaches a lot of value to the experience that the user gets when the user clicks on the ad and goes on to the landing page. If the landing page loads slowly or if the user bounces off the landing page without engaging with it,the quality score takes a hit. It is important to have SSL security on the landing page and the page should also have the target keywords with key information in the first two folds.

If we can take care of the above mentioned factors, then it becomes easy to stay in the top 3 rankings at a click cost which is at least 30 to 40 % lesser than the competition.

We are one of the best PPC companies in Mumbai with creative as well as result-oriented strategies for creating high ROI for businesses’.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and do let us know what according to you are the best ways to use Google Advertisement. And if you need support or if you are looking for the best PPC agency in Mumbai, contact us anytime.

We will be sharing more posts on how to use best digital marketing techniques to help your business grow. Stay tuned!

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